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Organic Social Media Marketing

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

As you may know, there are two different types of social media marketing - paid and organic. We wanted to go over what organic social media marketing is, and provide some (hopefully) helpful tips and tricks that you can begin to incorporate into your own pages.

#OrganicSocialMedia Basics - What is Organic Social Media Marketing?

To keep it super simple, it's anything you do on social that you don't pay for.

What is the Goal of Organic Social Media?

The goal is for your brand to build a foundation of loyal followers who actively engage with your content.

What is the Importance of Organic Social Media?

We get this question a lot. Yes, you can do paid social media efforts, but without organic social media efforts your paid efforts will fall flat. We live in a day and age of "Yelp" where people rely on many factors to determine validity and effectiveness of a brand. If you run a paid AD and it links to your page that has 10 followers, people may determine your page lacks the level of validity they would need to contact you. Whereas if you run a paid AD and it links to your page that has 1,000 followers, people would be far more inclined to believe the paid AD is legitimate and that your business is in turn as well.

How to You Grow Your Organic Social Media?

If you're asking this, know you're not alone. Many people have the same question and are unsure how to begin so let's start with the basics.

  • Ensure you're profile is on "Public" and that you have a business profile on each platform.

  • If you have accounts over multiple platforms (i.e. Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn etc.) ensure your username and picture or logo are consistent. For you business description in any platform, it's important to ensure you're using keyword rich language that also sounds genuine to you instead of more robotic.

  • Post content that is relevant to the audience you're looking to reach.

  • Don't over-post. There is a point where too much is simply too much. People are constantly bombarded by content on a daily / hourly / minute-by-minute basis but that doesn't mean you need to post 24 times a day to reach them. Focus your efforts on genuinely helpful / funny / relatable content and that will do more than over-posting.

  • Don't forget to tag people, locations and of course use #Hashtags. By tagging photographers or other vendors and locations you're opening up another opportunity for people to find your content that may have similar interests to your key demographic. Further, but using hashtags, you're able to ensure your content is feeding to people with relevant interests to what you're posting. Be sure to use a mix of hashtags though, as you'll want to include a variety of "big" hashtags, medium hashtags, community hashtags, and micro-community hashtags to get the greatest reach.

Are There "Best Times" for Posting Content to Increase Engagement?

The short answer is yes. Based on historical data, there are definitely better times to post than others where your content will be seen rather than falling into a sea of other posts. Below are optimal times to post based on this data -

  • Facebook – (Thursdays/Fridays) between 1pm and 3pm

  • Twitter –  (weekdays) between 12pm and 6pm

  • LinkedIn – (Tuesday – Thursday) between 7am/8am and 5pm/6pm

Do Static Images Get More Engagement Compared to Videos?

We get this question a lot as well. Based on data that's been compiled, it's proven that video outperforms other content mediums. Below is a graph showing the organic reach of different post types -

Have more questions?

Don't hesitate to reach out to set-up a call with us to discuss further.

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