Combs Group


Combs Group Real Estate is a luxury real estate group based

in Del Mar, CA. They have a combined sales volume of $1B and over 18 years of experience.

What We Solved

Prior to us managing this account, @combsgrourealestate had a total of 9,500 followers. Over the course of a year and a half, we assisted in the organic growth of this account to over 13,000 followers using the following tactics: 

  • Utilized more videos on posts and stories to increase engagement and views.

  • Utilized hashtags on all posts and all stories to increase engagement. However, we used a mixture of "king hashtags" and lower-searched hashtags for a better chance of visibility.

  • Utilized backlinks to gain followers who already follow similar pages as the Combs Group. By reaching out to other popular Instagram pages in the San Diego area and reposting their content, they do the same, therefore giving us an increase in profile, story and/or post engagement and also an increase in followers.

  • Utilized persuasion copywriting technique for the captions. We use 'future pacing' to let the audience visualize a new future through the Combs Group posts, 'scarcity' to create a sense of urgency for their audience to contact them, and 1-2 'Call to Actions' are always included in every caption.

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